Community outreach is very important to us at AIBE, and we hope to update this page regularly with ongoing outreach activities in the group.

Workshops and events

  • Rocío is currently a guest editor for a Themed Article Collection in Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences (‘Good Practices in AI: Democratization of Open Science’). To learn more, please see the call.
  • Rocío is currently co-organizing the Broad Institute Machine Learning in Drug Discovery Symposium. You can learn more about the event and register here. Virtual attendance is free for students and academics.
  • Save the date for the following two exciting workshops Rocío is co-organizing in Gothenburg this fall:
  • Rocío is currently co-organizing the Chalmers AI4Science seminar series with Prof. Simon Olsson (DSAI). You can learn more about this seminar series and sign up for the newsletter here.

In the media

Scientific talks