• 23-03-10 - This week we welcome MSc student Mert, who is also working on his MSc thesis project with AstraZeneca this spring.

  • 23-01-16 - This week we welcome MSc students Kinga, Stefano, Edwin, Preetha, Siva, and Supriya, who will be working on their MSc thesis projects jointly with AstraZeneca this spring. Lycka till!

  • 23-01-09 - Rocío’s first official day at Chalmers! Thank you everyone at DSAI for the warm welcome.

  • 22-11-11 - Rocío recently did a Q&A where she talked about the lab’s research and why she’s excited to join the CSE department. You can check out a clip 🎞️here🎞️!

  • 22-11-06 - 🚧 Although the website is still under construction, the main pages are now up and running! Feel free to browse our research interests and publications, or check out open positions in the lab.